The sale of a home is a significant event. It is usually the owner’s biggest and most treasured asset.

The choice of sales agent is important and the choice of auctioneer is critical. It is paramount to use a specialist sales agent but also to employ the services of an independent specialist auctioneer.

Why you ask ?

At Tru2Blu Real Estate we have recently attended many Auctions and reviewed the performance of the auctioneers. We expected to see slick and professionally run events but alas the truth was far from this.

What we witnessed included –

  • Our names and contact details not taken.
  • No dialogue initiated by the sales agent(s).
  • The sales agent acting as auctioneer, not a specialist.

therefore examples of,

  • Legalities not covered.
  • Lack of voice projection.
  • Not being able to add up properly.
  • Starting the bidding too high.
  • Lack of momentum.
  • Loss of control.
  • Buyer and bidder unrest.
  • Conflict of interest.

Again it is symptomatic of real estate businesses and agents trying to do everything. They are jack-of-all trades and masters of none.

The sale of your property is too important to be left to chance

The sales agent likes acting as auctioneer because he/she can pocket extra $ for doing it and believes it gives them increased personal exposure in the market place. In reality their role should be to engage the bidders/buyers while the auctioneer conducts the auction. Elementary my dear Watson!

At Tru2Blu our commitment to you is to offer world class elite standards in everything we do and we source the best possible and specialist service for those things we don’t do.

We are with you all the way.