Our Story

We have worked for some of the big real estate brands over a number of years. We have learned our craft and are appreciative for the experience, but the time was right to move on and forge our own way.

For various reasons we felt a disconnect with the culture developing in the big brands where the focus was (and is) to be the biggest. This manifests itself in aggressive recruiting campaigns which then transcends into aggressive behaviours in the marketplace.

That is not us and so here we are – Tru2Blu Real Estate.

At Tru2Blu we live, breathe and promote old fashioned Tru Blu values of care, respect and empathy to create WIN WIN relationships with our valued clients and community partners.

The seeds of Tru2Blu Real Estate were sewn many years ago when Paul’s father Paul Snr, a devoted Sturt Football Club fan, gave him the middle name Sturt. And so started a lifelong allegiance and passion for the club.

Tru2Blu Real Estate has adopted the two blues of Sturt, being the dark blue of Oxford University and the light blue of Cambridge University.

Our Culture

With experience in the real estate industry over a combined 30 years, we have decided to go out on our own and set up a unique way of selling real estate. Well maybe not unique, but more going back to the future by bringing back the old-fashioned way of selling, where there is respect for all parties. We are not an ‘ALL ABOUT US’ agency. We are about Community, people and their needs.

At Tru2Blu we don’t want to be the biggest –

  • we are Not a big brand
  • we are Not ego driven
  • we are Not aggressive
  • we do Not treat people like numbers

At Tru2Blu

  • we ARE proudly independent
  • we ARE SA born, bred and based
  • we ARE truly client focused
  • we TRULY care about and respect others

we ADD VALUE to the community

Our Difference

When most people open their own real estate business they put their own name on it.  That’s a clear indication of what is most important to them. THEM !!

But that’s NOT US at Tru2Blu. Our focus is on the client, their property, their family, their interests in life, what they are trying to achieve and where they are going. We find it interesting to hear people’s stories in life and their plans for the future. We have made many friends along the way. The feeling of being trusted in our industry is so rewarding.

We make sure our clients get the BEST result and BEST price for their property.

We do our due diligence on every property and explain to our clients all facets of the process, including –

  • methods of sale (private treaty, expressions of interest, auction)
  • advertising & marketing materials & mediums
  • local market-based information
  • appropriate pricing & expected sales price
  • the Tru2Blu specialised sales system

This consultative approach enables our clients to make informed decisions on the most appropriate and best sales campaign for their property.

Also, our Tru2Blu SPECIALISED SALES SYSTEM needs to be explained in detail as it includes extra steps in the sales process to ensure our clients get the absolute BEST outcome, ie the maximum possible price in a short and concise period of time.

SA BEST, Born & Based

With Tru2Blu all the money stays here in South Australia. We DO NOT pay big franchise fees and we DO NOT have BIG head offices with BIG overheads.

Many of the large real estate franchise groups originate and have head offices based interstate or overseas. Much of their money revenues leave our state.

Tru2Blu is proudly born, bred and based in SA. Our money stays in SA. Rather than pay big dollars to a franchise, we channel moneys back to local sporting clubs, community groups, schools and charities who desperately need the funds and are very appreciative to receive the extra dollars.

Community Focus

The most satisfying difference we have with Tru2Blu Real Estate is giving back to the Community. We sponsor Community Groups such as Sturt Football Club, Blackwood and Mitcham RSL, Unley Park Sports Club, SA Police and Oakland V.I.E.W. women’s group supporting the Smith Family charity, and we would like to sponsor many more.

Unlike others, our sponsorship is more a partnership which extends to being involved and participating in the community groups we sponsor/partner. We enjoy the involvement and do our best to help out in any capacity including introducing new members/participants to these groups.

Please feel free to contact us to ask how we can become involved in your community group, sporting club, school or charity.